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Welcome to “Sidrabiņi”!

Latvian interior, unforgettable atmosphere, local and national values food choices as well as new flavor discoveries – all this is created and cherished by the team of “Sidrabiņi”.

In 2017 we received the cultural sign “Latvian Heritage” for the preservation of the Latvian culture heritage as acknowledgement of our effort. Follow the sign and choose Latvian dishes!

We use only the best quality products, with the maximum cooperation with local farmers and producers. The local potatoes and gray peas from farmer Didzis, free-kept chicken eggs from aunt Baiba, carrots, cabbage and other vegetables from local farmer Kaspars. These are just a few of our local partners.

Our own harvested honey, produced sausages, smoked meat and chicken, apple moonshine, brew beer, sauerkraut, baked bread and we cook all our meal here. We are preparing to make it not only a delightful but also an emotional pleasure, because our team specially designed each meal with selection of ingredients, additives and is visualized as an artwork. It is all for You, our dear guest!

Therefore, the ingredients and additives of the dish, sorry, but don’t change.
We hope on your understanding.

Enjoy the company, atmosphere and the meal, put down the phone!
The bill will pay the one who has the weakest nerves!

For groups of more than 8 persons a service charge 10% will be calculated.
Paying the bill after 9:00pm service charge 10% will be calculated.
Food can contain allergens please ask waiters for their presence.

We greatly appreciate your wishes and demands for maximum service we are working very hard on it.
We offer the opportunity to change unwanted waitress to another. Service price is only 20,00 euros.
Satisfied customer is our ultimate goal!
One table = one bill.

We wish Your delicious visit!

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